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Social Media Posting - AARRGGH

Heather Barrie
Heather BarriePublished on September 29, 2022

If you're in the majority of entrepreneurs, then you'll find the whole thing of writing, scheduling and posting regularly on Social Media a bit of a pain and the thing that is often not crossed off on that To Do list!!

We've added another casual session to our week here at Effective Entrepreneurs - any member can now pop in at 10am on a Monday to be inspired and accountable to plan, write and schedule their posts..... If you're a member and want to know more, please give me a shout.....

And, if you're not yet a member and feel that this, together with our other weekly sessions - Mastermind and LinkedIn Engagement - then please reach out for a chat - life has changed for us all and we're entering some even stranger times.... A community of other ambitious, like-minded business owners is a great pleace to get the support and input that you need to thrive..... Hope to see you soon!

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