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Intro To What Makes Me A 'Dadrepeneur'

Elliot Smith
Elliot SmithPublished on June 30, 2021

👋 Hey everyone, I'm Elliot Smith, and I'm a Dadrepeneur.

Let me begin my story by saying that although I am an entrepreneur, I still do have the best full time job in the world; I'm a Dad - hence the nickname 'Dadrepeneur' was born. Everyone please meet my two beautiful boys, Jackson, and our latest arrival, Stanley.

Some call it child labour, I say it's an early retirement plan - don't judge me.

Jackson, Stanley, and my truly magical partner Jess, are without question my focus, my love, my passion, and my purpose in life. Everything I do is for them.

So, what makes me an Entrepreneur?

🍫 Well, I've been selling since I was 13, when I used to buy sweets from a mate of mine, before flip selling them for three times as much, all before my name was read on the morning register.

⚽️ Like many young lads I always dreamed of being a footballer; sadly, it wasn't meant to be, but I did land the next best thing as I joined Luton Town Football Club as a Football in the Community coach working with 000's of children, and being part of the original team who at the time launched the largest youth development program in the United Kingdom. I was even the mascot on the LTFC Christmas cards once.

Since then, and I guess 'growing up'...

🚕 I have been the Head of Solutions for the Addison Lee Group, the world's largest taxi company. I owned the solution and project diagnosis, design and delivery for over 20,000 accounts, and have worked with many FTSE giants in my time at ALG. []

🌍 I have launched countries as part of the leading mobility marketplace, Karhoo, a tech startup owned by Renault / Nissan RCI financial group vertical. I was the Global Operations Manager, responsible for onboarding all of our supply partners. Over 1 Million Vehicles globally. []

💻 I am the Co-Founder and CEO for the UK's leading player care platform, called Player Packs, launched with my 2 brothers Tom and Jack. We provide match day and training essentials via a never-done-before platform, that delivers customised packs straight to your door. We've partnered with big businesses: Monster Energy Hydrosport, WOW HYDRATE, Sporttape and Vita Sport; and we've also provided packs to some massive names in sport: F2 Freestylers, Fresh Ego Kid FC, Paul Merson, Matt Le Tissier, Gail Emms, Gilly Flaherty and loads more. [ // @PlayerPacksUK]

🅿️ My new and current "9-5 role" is at JustPark, the UK's #1 Parking App; building a repeatable, scalable and profitable revenue engine. [ // @JustParkHQ]

🦠 In between my last 2 professional roles, I was unfortunately made redundant during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

🚛 But, no frowns, ever. I picked myself up, dusted myself off quickly, and jumped in an Amazon van over the hectic Christmas period to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. See, always smiling.

🦋 However, and according to John Lennon: "Life is what happens when you're busy making plans". Just a few weeks into my new 'man in the van' role, we found out we are expecting Stanley. This meant I needed to be back working from home to support my family, so I launched my own commercial consultancy brand, Craftsmiths Consulting, where I support and empower brands, businesses and people to develop, flourish, and grow; no matter where they are in their journey. [ // @CraftsmithsC]

🛵 I'll also let you all into a little secret, a Little Lambretta secret to be exact. I am also about to launch another side hustle called 'Little Lambretta'. My incredibly talented father-in-law, Dave, is a retired carpenter. He is also a massive fan of Lambretta scooters, he owns 2. As a gift to him, I have combined both his passions into our new Little Lambretta brand which launches very soon, and we craft little wooden and environmentally friendly Lambretta scooters, for Little Lambretta lovers all over the world. [ // @LittleLambretta]

I am beyond proud and excited to be 1 of Subkit's First50 Solopreneurs. I cannot wait to share my knowledge, wisdom and experience of everything I have learned in my fast paced life as an entrepreneur, and I am doing so with 3 kick-ass plans to support and empower you on your journey:

Quick Quality Support

What is this plan?:

Visualise you as a snowball, rolling and absorbing everything you touch. What if everything you touch was the right tools to up your game every single month? Each month I will give you tips, tools and insight into how to get the best out of you and your teams + a free monthly workshop with exciting and engaging themes to help not just survive, but thrive.

What's included?:

• Value adding content each month with tips, tools, and insights.

Business Buddy

What is this plan?:

I'm here to provide you with extra level of support that will make the margins matter. In our time together we work as a team at speed and with absolute conviction to discuss, listen, challenge, plan and execute strategies to crush your goals.

What's included?:

• Value adding content each month with tips, tools, and insights.

• 1 Monthly session that includes;

• 25 minutes: "Tell me everything" - where are we today? where do we want to be tomorrow?

• 30 minutes: Action! - let's get your show on the road

The Partnership Path

What is this plan?:

This plan has twice the power, where I will spend extra time in partnership with you to diagnose, design, and deliver the right solution(s) to smash your goals out the ball park.

What's included?:

• Value adding content each month with tips, tools, and insights.

• 2 Monthly sessions (1 hour each) that includes;

• Diagnosis: download, understanding and validation session

• Design: strategic planning and goal setting

• Delivery: crushing your goals with 100% confidence and quality

Thank you so much for reading, now let's Subkit! ✌️

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