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Spring Renewal & Remembering

Emma MulvanyPublished on April 03, 2023

When we moved a few months ago I got into this wonderful habit of walking our new neighborhood nightly, and often throughout the day. These walks felt nourishing, invigorating, and grounding.

I explored the winding, twisting streets that make me feel as if I live in a little English hamlet >> complete with street names like Wilshire, Drury, and Chatham *swoon*

I met neighbors and strangers that are already becoming the friends and connection I wished for.

I offered gratitude and thanks for whatever powers-that-be brought us to this place. This peaceful, warm hug of a neighborhood.

And on one of these walks I remembered that I co-created this. That I listened to my intuition, my gut feeling, and my inner knowing to get us here.

I remembered that I acted with great intention and clarity of purpose to make this our new home. (Not to diminish the vital contributions of the help we received - omg, moving with 3 little kids takes a boat load of help).

I remembered how powerful I am.

And you are, too. 

This isn't a look-at-me-and-what-I-did story. This is a reflection of the power within all of us when we remember who we are. 

We’re on the precipice of Spring, which provides the perfect opportunity to remember the parts of you that have maybe laid dormant over the winter but are ready to be reclaimed like the shoots of a tulip rising to meet the sun.   

Have you forgotten how wise you are?

Have you forgotten how intuitive you are?

How strong and how powerful?

Have you forgotten that you’re the expert? Of your body. Of your life.

If this invitation speaks to you but you’re not sure where to start, I offer you my best and most potent advice: be still.

Keep it simple. Create a space of 5 minutes of solitude for yourself (more only if it feels right for you) and do nothing.

You don’t need to focus on emptying your mind of any thoughts, or visualize anything specific. There’s no pressure here.

Close your eyes, open your heart, and let your body speak to you. Be the non-judgmental witness to whatever comes up.

Got nothing? That’s ok. Sometimes our voice is a whisper, sometimes it’s a scream. But the more we tune in and listen to it, like a child learning to voice her needs, it will get clear - and loud. 

One more sacred invitation – take a timeout daily to get still, and to begin reconnecting to yourself, remembering all that you are, and to take one small step toward reestablishing you as the expert.

My spring walks look a little different than my newly-moved-in-scrambling-to-settle winter walks. They’re a little more sporadic as wet weather and a trying toddler phase (thank goodness everything in life is a ‘phase’ :D) keep me huddled up in the warmth of home. But they’re no less grounding and no less purposeful in reminding me of my own co-creation power.

Until next time,

Emma Mulvany
Holistic Nutritionist
Health Educator, Speaker, Consultant

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