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Patrick McGuire
Burlington, ON, Canada

Founder. Advisor. Creator.
Talks about #startups, #marketing, #blockchain, #technology, #entrepreneurs, #executives, #enterprise, #software-as-a-service, #podcasts

Patrick is a creative team leader and advisor, focused on the success of his clients, helping companies to scale and grow fast from $500k to $5 million and $20 million plus. Patrick hosts two podcasts Startups Transformed and Empowered with Patrick McGuire, where he has empowered conversations with great people doing great things to empower others.

Patrick provides services on contract for businesses of all sizes to deliver a unique and very powerful success model.


This is your recipe to business success. Learn how to execute the 1, 2, 3 punch to explode your business today.

There are a few ways to engage.

- Book Patrick for a free discovery call.
- Be a guest on his podcasts.
- Join an empowered peer group to help your company grow and scale fast, or ask about 1:1 and business coaching options to increase your success.
- Engage his team to execute the PUBLISH, PUSH and PROMOTE strategy.
- Listen to his podcasts.

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