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Learn How to Heal Your Metabolism with Lean for Life!

Erin Skinner
Erin SkinnerPublished on April 20, 2022

Hello community!

We're ecstatic to share our Lean for Life Membership!

We had you in mind when we designed our ongoing membership offering for Lean For Life

Many of you have asked for a way to heal your metabolism with more ongoing support, more resources and at a lower cost.

Our Lean for Life membership comes over $290 worth of courses (Lean for Life Phases 1-3), tools and support monthly for less than $50 a month. We can't wait to help you heal your metabolism, and keep you healthy and accountable month after month

Here's the A-to-Z roadmap to a healthy metabolism that you get with the Lean for Life membership:

Want more Deets? Here you go!

We are a team of nutritionists who excel at helping you leverage the power of food to optimize your wellness. We help you achieve metabolic health and weight loss by healing your metabolism. Our approach allows you get results in a way that is effective, healthy, sustainable.

Our proven Lean for Life method takes you through three 4-week phases. In Phase 1 (Heal), you reverse metabolic damage that causes weight gain. You'll be supported with meal plans, food checklists, expert instruction, and pro support.

Then, in Phase 2 (Optimize), you learn how to leverage the power of fasting to accelerate and sustain your results. You'll learn about intermittent fasting, time-restricted feeding, and how best to implement them with support for your individual needs. You'll also have the option to join us for a 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet (ProLon).

Then, in Phase 3 (Refine), you adjust your macronutrient intake for your specific needs. You'll have the option of following our version of a healthy ketogenic diet intermittently (we don't recommend it long-term).

We've helped thousands of people achieve their weight goal while getting healthier, reducing food cravings and bingeing, all while eating delicious food and learning how to sustain it for the long term.

Want to get the full roadmap and benefits details? Download it HERE!

What You Get

When you're a part of our LFL Membership, you get INCLUDED access to any of the three phases as we run them live (usually priced at $97 each), PLUS you get the self-paced version of all three as well. You'll also get members-only monthly bonuses:

- Access to our pro nutritionist support at any time

- Our online community Facebook group

- Bonus meal plans

- Product recommendations (what our team is using to optimize their metabolism),

- Discounts on continuous glucose monitors and quality supplements

- Live sessions with our clinical team

The total value of membership amounts to over $200/month! You can join for less than $50/month. So, by subscribing you save big + you can cancel anytime. We can't wait to be a part of your lives month after month. :)

Join us here!

Empowered Nutrition Subscription Plans

Lean for Life

$149 /(3 months)

With gratitude,

Erin Skinner, MS, RD, LDN, IFNCP

Owner, Empowered Nutrition

P.S. Don't miss our free download - the Lean for Life Roadmap! Grab it HERE.

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