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Travis T Romero
Travis T RomeroPublished on June 23, 2022

The word attitude can be used to express the way someone behaves due to how they think or see things.

Let's look at types of attitudes and their traits.

Positive attitude traits - Confidence, optimism, sincerity, and reliable

Negative attitude traits - Hatred, pessimism, resentment, and doubt

Neutral attitude traits - Indifference and detachment

How do you see things? Whatever the case, realize that your attitude is directly tied to your emotional state. Your emotional state can affect energy, health, relationships, work, and many other areas. To move with progression toward your goals requires a good emotional state and a positive attitude. I understand that we are all unique, and many things have happened in the past that mold us into our current state, such as environment, family, personal experiences, and biological factors. Everyone is different; some things are more accessible for some than others. That's just the way it is. You can either let your past weigh you down or rise and learn from these experiences. Some people let their circumstances control them, affecting their emotional state and attitude. It's all in the way you have been programmed through life. Man is the only member of the animal kingdom, through the function of his conscious mind, who can control their emotion and attitude from within than from external sources. He alone can control his emotional response if he chooses to do so. A tree can't be anything but a tree, a dog can't be anything but a dog, but a man can achieve anything he sets his mind to be. You must be the master of your domain, or your domain will be the master of you. Until you learn to control yourself, body and mind, your current attitude may not support your goals and positive intentions. As I stated in the previous VISION post, "Your life is in your hands only."

You control your attitude in any case. I know this may be a tall order to fill, and everyone is not coming from the same place. I commend anyone who is taking steps toward improvement. Make a commitment to yourself. Strive for improvement. Everyone can succeed. Some of these words may be too strict for some people, and I understand. Life needs order, and the imposition of order is not always well received. These are words of encouragement. Many are hopeless and do not see a better way. Work toward balance, and the rest will take care of itself. Just remember, the only person you are competing with is yourself.

Let's look at ways in which we can accomplish goals with the use of emotion from different experience types. Sometimes you can use a negative experience to motivate you to do better. Prove the naysayers wrong. Many professional athletes became great through this avenue. Other times you need to use a positive experience or emotion to keep you going. Depending on your convictions, these two methods can be easy to apply but harder to maintain. Another way is harder to apply at first but easier to maintain in the long run. The result is self-control, thus getting better results and keeping your emotional state and attitude on a steady incline. It takes practice and may never be perfected, but very beneficial nonetheless. I am referring to meditation. Meditation helps you relax and focus at the same time. Many people may think it is a too new age. Anyone can do it, regardless of their age. You can keep it simple and breathe deeply with your eyes closed. This method slows your breath, calming your body and mind down and shutting your eyes, limiting external input and stimuli from outside sources. Today's person is too distracted by overstimulation from outside sources, making it almost impossible to quiet that monkey mind. You can start with as little as five minutes a day and increase as you see fit or want to perform more because of the benefits of consistent practice. You can regain control of your body and mind through this simple process and age-old tradition. In addition to other health advantages, get to know yourself better. You can also think of this as a software upgrade. Upgrade the programming in your mind and see the results in your life. Take a look at your attitude, judge for yourself, or ask others. Adjust as necessary. Gradual steps will be required for any such improvement.

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