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Travis T Romero
Travis T RomeroPublished on October 25, 2022

Commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. We make commitments all the time and may not even realize it, and other times we mind daily. Let's list some, supporting oneself and one's family, which in turn means undertaking a job for financial support. We vow to be parents and role models. We are loyal to the love of our lives and be good friends. We promise to pay our mortgage, rent, bills, and such; for any courses, we have enrolled in or any other subscription. Of course, we enjoy dedicating time to hobbies and recreation for our benefit. Our lives are filled with different types of commitments. The word commitment can be used in other words; dedication, loyalty, faithfulness, vow, promise, guarantee, responsibility, task, and undertaking. When we use any of these words, it means we are committed. We also commit to our values. Why is commitment important? Commitment is a personal thing. It is a strong indicator of self-discipline, resilience, respect, and clarity. It helps you stick to your goals during the good and bad times.

Speaking of goals, how are you doing on the goals you have intentionally set? Up until now, I have focused more on simple goals. 97% of people do not follow through with intentional plans. You must be willing to do the things most people won't do to succeed. I do have one question. Have you made the most crucial commitment? The commitment toward yourself. Have you committed to living your best life? This commitment can have different stages. First, commit to being happy; it's just a state of mind all under your control. Your physical and mental health is essential as well. Your body is your vessel in which you experience this wonderful life. Take good care of it, and you can have a better quality of life and more of it. Minding what we eat, drink and think about can have tremendous advantages. There is yet another commitment to make to oneself—the commitment toward freedom, finding your true self, and living with peace of mind and purpose. Most intentional goals will not have much meaning until we commit to ourselves. Once you have that type of meaningful commitment to yourself, any other goal will not need as much effort since it is tied to a meaningful existence.

In my previous posting, " It's your life," I stated that you are given the keys to living life on your terms at eighteen. A lot of times, the ego takes over. It's supposed to be a time for you to be free. Yet we may rarely get the chance to since how society has programmed us to live, control, and conform under the thumb. Also, we are not our ego, what we have, or what we have done. We have made many commitments to others and toward living our programmed life. No wonder many are living unfulfilled and stressful lives; that is not the real you. The real you has always been there, that little voice inside your head from a young age, asking questions to oneself, wondering about the future, about possibilities. This voice is the one thing in your life that has not changed; that is the real you.

I committed myself years ago; no matter what happens, I will be ok because I have peace of mind. That was my first commitment to myself. I have progressed with a few more because it is the right thing to do to evolve. Your little voice, your soul, wants to have peace of mind and freedom. It's never too late to make these commitments! Newsletter

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