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Travis T Romero
Travis T RomeroPublished on March 29, 2023

When we hear this term, some thoughts may automatically come to mind—referring to someone who has lost touch with reality and gone off the deep end. But seriously, your mental health is the most important health of your life. It affects all aspects of your life and can improve everything. Just like wanting to take care of physical health through consistent diet and exercise, the same is valid for caring for your mental health with regular healthy thoughts and mental activity.

That being said, What do you put in your mind? Do you regularly think healthy and pleasing thoughts that benefit your well-being and mental clarity? Or do you mentally consume whatever comes along? You know the saying, "Garbage in, Garbage out," and this applies, especially in today's society. 1 in 5 adults and just as many children experience mental illness yearly. Frankly, more people are struggling on a smaller scale. We are bombarded with so much input and overstimulated mentally by the negative ways of society. This effect is harmful, not doing you any good, and should be limited. Most people are so preoccupied with negative daily distractions, lost in their heads that they probably forget to seek out the positive. We can add simple positive stimulation and manage our thoughts wisely. Utilize your mental capacities for your benefit.

Let me share a personal experience. In my days as a young man, I was plagued by anxiety. My mind was going so many places at any given moment. I would worry about things beyond my control and make myself sick. I did not know where to turn to help myself. Then it hit me; I am probably not the only one going through these types of thoughts. The internet was developing in those days, and I was determined to better my situation and went out on a search. There was some information out there. So in my studies have found that one must take control of their mental faculties. It wasn't easy, but I was tired of living with anxiety. The helpful information and practices taught me that mental health affects the rest of our psychological and physical lives. I would not be a victim of my own doing when I could apply these tools to improve my life. That was 30ish years ago; today, helpful information is everywhere, and you do not have far to look to find someone to help you with your trials.

Sometimes we all need a little help from time to time. You must be willing to ask and be receptive to helpful acts and information, either by others or including yourself. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. No one is a victim of this thing called life. We must find the strength within and soldier on, and so be it if we need help from others. We all have our cross to bear, and everyone's path is different. We are all a lot more powerful than we can even realize. It all starts with your beliefs. If you believe you can, you will; if you believe you can't, you won't. We should all be aware and take control of our physical and, primarily, mental health. Your life depends on it. Did you know that Science has proven you can heal yourself from severe conditions through your thoughts? So then the reverse is also true. You can make yourself sick, mentally and physically, with your thoughts. Our mental health determines the results we get and the quality of life we experience.

Here's a little poem I wrote; I hope you like it, here goes.

Life is not always easy, and things come and go, so I will tell you these facts I know.

We are put on this earth to live out our days.

To become aware of our thoughts and our ways.

Choose our life and where we stay.

Decide and act with focus, hooray!

Realize some truths, and manifest what you want all along.

Self-Mastery will make you king of this life you call home.

Your mind is your servant, this much I know; you must program it to get where you want to go.

Your mental health can be your savior; treat it like one; it's the best way to flow.

"As you THINK, So Shall You BE" - Wayne Dyer Newsletter

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