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Erin Anderson
Erin AndersonPublished on July 02, 2023

Happy Full Buck Moon, Everyone. This is a full moon in Capricorn.

This cycle allows and encourages us to move away from fantasy, and step into our reality. This does not mean that we have to give up on our dreams, but rather encourages us to be intentional and disciplined in our next steps in how we achieve our goals in order for our dreams to become our reality. We lead with our hearts and take the pause to plan and respond with our minds.

It's also Cancer season. Cancer is opposite of Capricorn. So as Capricorn is methodical and structured - the archetype of the masculine, Cancer is full of emotion, creativity, sensitivity - the archetype of the feminine.

At the end of the month of PRIDE, this full moon calls us to find our balance between our divine feminine and divine masculine. This varies from person to person so feel out what is best for you.

This month, we encourage ourselves to feel and process it all, and to respond to our feelings from a space of both discernment and care. This is also the time when we are closing karmic cycles. Let nature and intuition run its coarse. Listen to your body. When it's time to release patterns and people your body will usually tell you well before your head and heart.

We hope to see all of you who are in Montana out TOMORROW NIGHT.

Monday July 3rd 6-7pm in Missoula, Billings, or Bozeman.

Details are listed below.


When: TOMORROW NIGHT Monday July 3rd 6-7pm

Where: Limber Tree Yoga & Wellness | On the Rooftop | 27 Shiloh Rd #7 Billings MT

Who: There will be a Yoga flow with our founder Erin Kay Anderson followed by a sound bath with LaChelle Amos of Silence of Sound Yoga

What: This is a pay what you can Yoga class. A few mats are available for use.

RSVP HERE or just show up.


Last month's kickoff got rained out but tomorrow is promising to be a hot one. So please come with water, your own mat/towel or blanket.


Where: Lindley Park Bozeman MT

Who: Mira Fox of Black Orchid Yoga & Cycle will be leading everyone

This is a pay what you can class.

RSVP HERE or just show up.


Connecting to our breath, the elements, the earth and one another. 

When: TOMORROW Monday July 3rd | 6-8PM

Yoga : 6-7pm | Artist and Community 7-8pm

Where: Kettlehouse Bonner Taproom | 605 Cold Smoke Ave. Bonner MT

Who: Marina Zaleski is our featured teacher for this month! and Kyle Jengman is back with us again with his incredible photography.

This is a pay what you can class. Please bring your own mat/towel or blanket. Water is available onsite and your first beverage after class is complimentary.

RSVP HERE or just show up.

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