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Erin Anderson
Erin AndersonPublished on January 05, 2023

Tomorrow is the full moon in cancer and the wolf full moon. All emotions are present. A rewilding is calling, and an honest look at how we love our pack and tribe is necessary.

Most recently we learned that the concept of the alpha male is a made up terminology. That it doesn't apply to wolf packs. Wolves operate within a structure of love, protection, and family. Humans operate within a state of both ego and love. It's important for us to know and understand the difference.

With the last full moon in gemini, we took the time to examine both sides of us. This full moon in cancer allows us to move from a study to an embrace of ourselves, and of our friends and families who despite the condition, whole heartedly love us.

Hope that folks can join us out in community in Missoula, Billings or Online as we Flow, Celebrate, Breathe, and Meditate our way into the new year, and into a deeper and necessary unity as individuals, communities, cities, nations, and this world.


Join Azur Milburn tomorrow evening, 1.6.23 | 6pm-8pm | at the Kettlehouse Bonner Taproom for the Full Moon Yoga Flow. This month Azur will be accompanied by the artists: Ronda Renee Designs, Welded Earth Designs, and Kyle Jengman Photography.

This is a pay what you can class. All payments will be made directly to the teacher. Your first beverage is complimentary, and artists keep 100% of all sales that they make.


Our founder, Erin Anderson, has been back in her hometown of Billings cultivating conversations between ourselves, our bodies, one another, and the land since June of 2022. We continue to uplift the importance of syncing to the moon, giving gratitude to indigenous people of the land, and to Black and Brown People as the original creators of the practice of Yoga.

Join her to kick off the New Year with the full moon flow over at Limber Tree Yoga and Wellness this Friday 1.6.23 | 6pm-7pm.

This is also a pay what you can class, we just request that folks sign up on Limber Tree's website as space is limited.

We are still in our open call for artists for 2023 so we can expand the event into a flow and artist popup. Please email us at : for more details.


Zoom classes will resume every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 6:30am-7:30am MST starting January 10th, 2023.

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