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Look on the bright side

Faith Wood
Faith WoodPublished on March 31, 2022

Isn’t it annoying when people brush off your lousy day by telling you to look for the
‘silver lining’ in the situation? It’s almost as though they’ve never had the
disasters you have. Perhaps their plans weren’t interrupted in the way yours
were. Or they never were blindsided by a personal or financial disaster.

 If you’re having one of those bad days, weeks, or even years right now, take a minute. Ask yourself one crucial question: What if they’re right?

Sometimes we get so caught up in the bad going on around us, we forget entirely about what’s going right. Worse, we might even miss out on a hidden opportunity we might never have thought was buried in upheaval.

Being able to shift your attitude from one of negativity to one of possibility, changes the entire situation, or at least your perception of it. What’s more, you’ll find it easier to think, to act, and to come out ahead when the disaster is over.

 All this starts with you and the attitude with which you take upheaval.

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