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Fearless Business Boss Mastermind Group Coaching

Tammy Durden
Mechanicsville, VA, USA

First, let me start by telling you how I came to be here. I learned the hard way that when you are faced with life’s challenges, you can either become angry and bitter, or you can CHOOSE acceptance and forgiveness so you can keep moving forward and create something different & wonderful. I chose the latter.

I decided that my disABILITY did not mean the end of My Story!


I decided that I would be resilient and persevere. I decided that I would choose a positive attitude. And I ended up creating some wonderful businesses that also helped to empower other disabled professionals to work from home.

I’m often told I am ‘persistent’ – I take it as a high compliment. I’ve also been told that I speak the truth in a way that can be received well.

I find coaching is often about empowering you to see the truth of where you are with your business so that you can move forward with the steps and activities I suggest. These will ultimately grow and challenge you while moving your business forward.


For the last few years, I’ve taken that persistence, truth, and grit paired with my years of experience to help empower others, just like you, to create…

The Business you have been dreaming of starting.

The Agency you have wanted to build so you can scale your business.

Growth in your business through analytics and proven methods.

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