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🦋Uniting the Body and the Breath🦋

Angela  Ioannou
Angela IoannouPublished on October 21, 2021

Yoga is the union of the body, mind and breath.

Although we may hold postures we are always moving, evolving, breathing.

This is great for not just your body but for calming the mind 🧘‍♀️

By moving with your breath and allowing your breath in turn to move you, you may find something new every time you arrive on your mat ✨

You don’t need to be flexible or perfect to practice yoga - after years of training and neglecting stretching I am definitely not the most flexible yogi - but I will take you through a simple, easy to follow and at times challenging flow, where you can connect with yourself and focus on your breath moving your body 🦋

This weeks class, on Saturday 9am or on demand, is all about allowing your breath to move your body and working with your breath to calm your body and mind 🙏🏻

Book your space HERE

Let go of expectations & pressure and just take this time for yourself, your body, mind and breath ❤️

See you on the mat 🙏🏻

Angela 💜

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