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Yoga to Make you GLOW

Angela  Ioannou
Angela IoannouPublished on September 24, 2021

Did you know that practicing yoga regularly can make your skin glow?!

We all know that physical exercise in general is great for increasing blood flow and making you feel good, but there are lots of benefits from practicing yoga that you may not have known. Lots of postures are great for your skin, digestion and hormonal balance.

Here are some examples of the benefits of just a few of the postures/practices:

🌟A concentrated focus on deep breathing will enhance circulation and also stimulate the lymphatic drainage system, which is responsible for removing toxins from the body.

🌟Stress relieving back bends open your lungs and in turn reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone that a lot of us end up producing far too much of).

🌟Inversions -anything that turns you upside down -are the best for anti aging benefits, as well as refreshing your mindset. Fresh blood flow to the face gives the skin a healthy glow 🤩

🌟Twists assist in toxin removal and digestion by increasing circulation and energy to the digestive organs.

🌟Fish & pyramid pose in particular stretch the face and throat muscles and help to flush the thyroid and parathyroid, which help to regulate your hormonal balance.

🌟 Repair and recovery - practicing yoga in general is a great way to tap into the rest and digest function of your nervous system, meaning that your body has the chance to repair and recover, as well as sleeping better.

This week’s class theme is ‘GLOW’ and we will be exploring all of these aspects in this week’s class live or on demand.

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