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Elle Overholt
Atlanta, GA, USA

There’s no shortage of advice for aspiring young professionals. Maybe you’ve trawled through the college job boards. Maybe you’ve consulted your parents or your college’s busy career center. Or maybe you’ve been scrolling an infinite newsfeed of LinkedIn posts or #jobtips on TikTok. The truth is, you could explore all these avenues and still be no closer to understanding what hiring managers in your field are seeking.

Forth cuts through the noise of the job search. Our online coaching program and exclusive access to our network of prospective employers prepares young talent for the world of work. At the same time, we maintain a direct line to the corporate world, helping employers navigate new hires and cultivate confident leaders through workshops, training days and consultations. 

We’re coaches. We’re facilitators. And we’re connectors. Think of us like a one-way ticket to kickstart the career you’ll love.

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