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Elle Overholt
Elle OverholtPublished on May 31, 2022

If there were a way you could be excited to go to work everyday that's something you would want to know more about, isn't it?

Initially, we focused on the JOB SEARCH.

However, we know, your career doesn't stop there.

Whether you're thriving in your job, looking for your next promotion, or feeling stuck... you are looking for guidance!

We are LAUNCHING the Career Strategy Mentorship Program (!!!)

and what that means to you is gaining the support to career advancement!

The real value is being able to sleep at night knowing you are effectively pursuing your dream job and next big step (aka: promotion)!

One alumni, Torie, told us "because of Forth and landing my job, I was able to buy my first house. I couldn't have done this without you."

Feeling equipped and prepared in your career is what you're desiring, isn't it?

You want to move towards a fulfilling career and you know investing in the Career Strategy Group Mentorship will get you there?

Picture this...

I can see you now, your alarm goes off Monday morning and you hop out of bed. Once your feet touch the floor, you throw on your favorite work outfit, get your coffee brewing and make your morning smoothie as you head out the door.

You get to your office, see your work besties, get settled in at your desk and confidently get started. During the day you are booked with meetings, calls, and new projects. The day flies by you cannot believe it's already 5 o'clock.

You head home fulfilled, and ready to get after it tomorrow.

All this because you invested in the Career Strategy Group Mentorship.

That's the picture you want to see, isn't it?

Helping people create their dream career is what gets me excited, so if you're interested in learning more about who Forth is and how we can help, then get in touch and sign up for my mailing list - If you're agressively nodding your head interested in learning more, check out how 👇🏼🥳

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