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Lindsay Sacco
Arlington, VA, USA

I’m a marketing consultant and market research expert dedicated to helping bold and brazen CEOs like you launch, expand, and pivot your business to make a major impact. I built Forza Collective on one SUPER important philosophy: sustainable businesses are client-centered businesses. I believe that when you make decisions that truly serve your dream clients, success is inevitable.

That’s why I find market research to be so damn sexy… hear me out. What’s more exciting than having a turn-by-turn roadmap that tells you exactly what you need to create and how you need to market it to have lifelong clients and rave reviews?

Market research can be confusing, overwhelming, and utterly unhelpful (gasp!) if it’s not done right. That’s why I’m bringing five years of consulting experience and a flipping MASTER’S degree from a top marketing school to my programs and offers. When you do market research the Forza way, you get MBA-trained, professional marketing support, so you know it’s done right.

I’m a more-is-more kinda woman (minimalism was never really my thing): I’m all about empowering you with MORE information, MORE clarity, MORE confidence, and MORE clients. Sound good? Let’s keep chatting!

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