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Gennifer with a G

New York, USA

Hi friend! I am an award-winning writer, brand messaging alchemist and wildflower. I craft intentional messaging for you to attract and manifest work and life achievements that align with your goals. My 30+ year career includes groundbreaking innovation and creative expression for brands such as Bravo, Nickelodeon, Masterclass and Audible.

I love adjacent possibilities and during that time I forged a parallel path in the healing arts where I obtained certifications + trainings in: 

  • Intuitive Card Readings (Carla Blaha)

  • Floral Design (Parsons School of Design)

  • Forest Therapy Guide (The FT School)

  • Law of Attraction (Carla Blaha)

  • Manifestation (Carla Blaha)

  • Positive Psychology (U of Pennsylvania | Coursera)

  • Psychic 101 + 102 (Carla Blaha)

  • Mediumship (Omega Institute)

  • Reiki Master (Open Center NYC)

I work with individuals to create personal branding as a means to manifest the life you dream of and deserve. I encourage and inspire you to honor your true selves in order to thrive in your life. I celebrate your individuality and remind you of the fake rules that may be blocking your happiness in order to set you free. 

I am a modern day mystic. Everything I touch is infused with my intuitive gifts, wildflower creativity and a shot of rule-breaking rebelliousness. 

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