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Gennifer with a G

New York, USA

“Every Curl on My Heads is an Idea,” Gennifer Birnbach is an award-winning marketing writer and branding consultant who crafts intentional messaging to attract and manifest work and life achievements that align with her clients’ goals.

She encourages and inspires others to honor their true selves in order to thrive in their life. She celebrate their individuality and reminds them of the fake rules blocking their happiness in order to set them free.

Her 30+ year career includes marketing, publicity, project management and copywriting for brands like Nickelodeon, Bravo and

Gennifer is also a Reiki Master completed studies in The Law of Attraction, Psychic 101 + 102, Mediumship, Angel Guides and Positive Psychology through various schools including the Omega Institute and The Open Center of NYC.

Everything she touches is infused with her intuitive gifts and wildflower creativity. She leverages the purest essence of each individual or business she works with so they can operate from true authenticity and power.

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