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Blossoming Friendships Await

GENNIFER BIRNBACHPublished on January 01, 2023

01.01.23 - Wildflower Philosophy from Gennifer with a G

Hi Wildflowers! 

THIS WEEK’S QUOTE: “A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.” — Unknown

I recently discovered something about myself. I love Sundays. For me Sundays deliver luxury and decadence in the form of a slower-paced day, the “permission” to do nothing or something just for me. It offers the opportunity to reflect, renew, to listen, to believe in faith. And it’s something I want and need to add into the other 6 days of the week somehow.

Another aha I had this week was that the most treasured friendships have luxurious Sunday vibes. My deepest friendships are with those who understand my past, believe in my future and accept me just as I am. They reflect my truth, they leave me with a renewed heart, they make me feel heard and they refresh my faith.

When I create a sacred space to experience friendship, I walk away with some of the greatest messages, ideas, miracles I have ever known. My friends are people, they are pets, they are old friends who I just met. They are the authors or lyricists whose words are now a part of me. They are the dreamers not even born yet. They are the original Broadway cast of the Wiz. They are Natalie, Tootie, Jo and Blair. You are also my friends, Wildflowers. And one of my very best friends is me.  

As you begin another 365 day journey, I encourage you to take the word “friendship” with you. You deserve individuals in your life (including yourself) who understand your past, believe in your future and accept you just as you are.  Keep picking and adding these friends to your beautiful, blossoming bouquet. Notice their beauty, the seasons they shine and be the sunshine and water they need to grow again and again.


In one of the Card Readings + Vision Board Creations I did this weekend was for someone who received a Friendship card. It talked about the importance of friends who cheer for you to rise high up to the sky with greatness and are also a safe place to land when you stumble. It also emphasized the importance of being a great friend to one’s self. In our search for something to add to her vision board we stumbled upon a Friendship Flower. I had never heard of it and just loved it. Here is a link to an exercise to try where you make a flower (you can follow these directions or simply draw it) and then add an important characteristic of being a great friend on each petal.You can give it to a friend. But I say, first give one to yourself!


THIS WEEK’S RECOMMENDATION:  There is never a “missed out” with the friendship and support I am here to share with you. I will always make time for you.

With that said, I’ve added additional dates for anyone who would like to experience my Wildflower Philosophy Card Reading + Vision Board 2023 on Saturday, January 7th + Sunday, January 8th 

Here is how it works! 

I will pull cards that will inspire and guide you towards your goals. 

We will lift impactful language from the card descriptions and begin to build your 2023 vision board. 

We will gather additional images and language that we intuitively find on "the world wide web" and from your photo collection to round out your vision.

You will walk away with something that truly excites and motivates you to your very core and that you can reference all year.

You are the garden, I'm just the watering can.  Love, Gennifer

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