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Everything Everywhere All at Once

GENNIFER BIRNBACHPublished on March 12, 2023

03.12.23 - Wildflower Philosophy from Gennifer with a G

Hi Wildflowers! 

THIS WEEK’S QUOTE is from the great Les Brown, “Ask for help not because you’re weak, but because you want to remain strong.”

Have you ever seen the movie Run Lola Run? If not, please put it on your list, it’s really wild. Basically Lola has very limited time (clock ticking) to get her boyfriend a large sum of cash or he will be killed. The movie follows Lola (scored by amazing heart-racing techno music) as she scrambles to gather enough money and deliver it to him at the spot he is waiting. The movie follows her multiple times (each with different speed bumps thrown in and end results). 

Disney’s Phineas & Ferb cartoon series did a fabulous spoof (click for my favorite 1 min segment Run Candace Run) that was centered on Candace (the high-strung teenage sister) when she had to be in multiple places at once.

Well I had one of those days. And I know you’ve had them too. At first it seemed impossible what I needed to get done, where I had to be, what fires I needed to put out in the short window of time I felt I had. I felt like I was in Run Lola Run and also the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once (with multiple Evelyns in multiple universes) and wondered what Gennifers #2 - #99 were up to.

Did any of them have their shit together? Were any of them lying poolside without a care in the world? Could any of them show up and actually pull off the incredible miracles I made happen [inserts pats on back] in less than 2 hours?

I bet if someone asked you “what is the craziest ‘save the day’ moment you ever had?” or “tell me about a time where you surprised yourself with your resourcefulness, speed and nerve” you’d have quite a story or two to share.

That’s because you are fucking awesome. You are da bomb. You know stuff! You’ve learned stuff. You’ve seen some stuff. You’ve been around the block a few times.

And that proves two things. #1 No matter what life throws you, you’re going to be ok because you have been there, done that and figured it out already. And #2 No matter what life throws you, you’re going to be ok because you are a smart cookie, a tenacious wildflower and you have many friends and family who love you and want to help you. If you’ll let them.

Please ask for help. Just because you can, always have and always will be ok it doesn’t mean that you, alone, need to handle everything everywhere all at once. 


Think about one thing that feels really big to tackle (or even something small that you are struggling to do) and ask yourself, “who can I talk to about this?” Even if you are not asking them to physically get involved, just sharing what’s on your mind can lighten the burden. As wildflowers, we break through concrete without a scratch on our petals. But, honestly, wouldn’t it be nicer if someone joined our breakthrough and added some ease to our lives? I say yes!

THIS WEEK’S RECOMMENDATION: Check out A Little Help from Wildflower, Jasmine Rinde. She says, “I promise even just the call will make you feel better.” I back that up!

Take it easy, Wildflowers, Gennifer

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