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To Be or To Learn

GENNIFER BIRNBACHPublished on October 09, 2022

10.09..22 - Wildflower Philosophy from Gennifer with a G

Hi Wildflowers! 

THIS WEEK’S QUOTE: “Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will,” Vernon Howard, Spiritual Teacher and Philosopher.

I’ve been preoccupied with helping my high school senior figure out what he might want his future to look like. I remember being that age and not even giving it a thought. Now, I’m on the other side trying to help him breakthrough.

But I had an epiphany! Instead of asking him what he might want to be, I’ve reworded it and asked what he wants to learn.

This new phrasing allowed me to let go of the restrictive activity of trying to get to an outcome. And it reminded me of the amazing journey one takes throughout one’s entire life in discovering the world around us (externally and internally) and what parts we’d like to learn and incorporate into our being. This can enhance our purpose or it can spark our fire or it can just be a fun way to pass time. Does it really matter? 

Here are some things I’ve learned so far: jazz dance, how to tie my shoe, what the collated / stapled button means on the xerox machine, floral design, what my cat wants when she meows a certain way, how to manage up, what the colored tags on bread mean, why standing under a ladder became bad luck, marketing strategies, reiki, the origin of the F word, how to pack 2 weeks worth of clothing into a bag fit for 1 week, why the same laugh track is on all Paramount sitcoms from the 70s, how to “s” down a mountain, when to leave my house if I want to get to the movies on time, color theory, how to hear my intuition, why NYC has alternative side of the street parking, what Ni Hao means and how to use my juicer.

If all goes well, I’m only half-way through my life and there are so many things I want to learn. And, of course, there are many things I continue to unlearn too. 

All of this learning (and unlearning) is the path to what you want to be. Professionally, personally and spiritually.  

THIS WEEK’S RITUAL: Learn something new. You can take a class, watch a documentary or just speak to someone who has traveled somewhere you’ve never been. A really interesting exercise is to pick up a magazine you wouldn’t normally read. You’d be amazed at what piques your interest, sparks a new idea or jumpstarts your sense of wonder.

You can also unlearn something new. Pick a habit or unhealthy story you continue to hang onto and do some light research on how you can begin to get rid of that and replace it with a new and improved upgrade to your life.

RECOMMENDATION OF THE WEEK: The history of why breaking a mirror became bad luck. Interesting right? Also, a great eye opener to the crazy things we believe and how they can impact our day. Great food for thought.

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