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Your Beautiful Broken Pieces

GENNIFER BIRNBACHPublished on February 05, 2023

02.05.22 - Wildflower Philosophy from Gennifer with a G

Hi Wildflowers! 

This week’s quote is from Marilyn Monroe: “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

I did a card reading and vision board for a client this week. The cards I pulled led her to share some of the struggles she had overcome. While she was talking I received an intuitive image of a Kintsugi vase and did a google search to find an image of one to add to her vision board. I felt it was an important and powerful symbol for her.

If you’re not familiar with Kintsugi, it’s a beautiful Japanese treatment of broken pottery. It means “golden joinery” and the repair is done with a lacquer that’s mixed with gold or silver. 

Kintsugi teaches us that even though some things may have cracks or damaged parts, they are still valuable and have meaning.  It also teaches us about accepting fragility, resilience, and taking pride in the imperfect. 

This stunning act of taking something that’s broken and restoring it with grace, love and dignity takes my breath away. 

I found and added a photo of a gorgeous black vase with gold to her vision board as a reminder to celebrate and find use for the broken parts of her. And I encouraged her to buy one for her desk (as well as a bud vase to by her bathroom mirror) to hold fresh flowers and serve as a reminder of her elegance, beauty and worthiness.

This week’s ritual:  your scars and shattered pieces would like a word with you. They’d like to be acknowledged, loved, nurtured and to feel worthy. They would love the Kintsugi treatment! They would like to be showered with kindness, compassion and for you to hold space for them. 

Perhaps you’ll choose to honor them with your own piece of Kintsugi pottery and a purposeful spot in your home or office to remind you of how far you’ve come and how gorgeous all of your scars, breaks and imperfections really are.

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Have a great week you exquisite wildflower, you! Xo Gennifer


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