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Gen Z Black Girl

Misty Freeman
Dothan, AL, USA

I've worked as a social case worker, teacher, vice principal, and currently a director of special education. I notice that we are losing students of color. They show very little engagement in the learning environment. As I observed, I noticed most students of color have a sense of not belonging. As a black woman, I understand from my own experiences how feeling as if you do not belong makes you feel. So many situations have occurred in the past two years that have significantly impacted students of color. Yet, I see very few services that focus on these students.

So, in 2021, I decided to launch Mocha Sprout. My goal is the change the conversation and cultivate new perspectives around unconscious bias. In addition, we constantly see reform that addresses the needs of black boys, but we rarely discuss the plight of black girls even though they're the most at-risk group of young people.

As an educator with over 20 years of experience, I recognize how microaggressions and unconscious bias impact students of color in the learning environment. They often do not engage, and the academic gap between them and their peers continues to grow. This leads to depression and mental health issues for students of color.

My customers include educators and other stakeholders who work with students of color. I provide keynote speaking and workshops to make educators aware of unconscious bias and how to address it in the learning environment. Also, I advocate for the plight of the Gen-Z black girl. I provide workshops on personal development by eradicating negative talk and inspiring pursuit of technology as a field.

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