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Kick Mediocrity

Geoff Nicholson
United Kingdom

I have been specialising in performance and mindset for over 15 years after suffering from an illness that stopped me from working and left me bed-bound and housebound for over 4 years. During that time, I experienced some very dark moments and through that, I discovered my passion for human potential development.

I am a father and parent before anything else. My second passion is supporting business owners and other highly motivated people to identify their biggest challenges and support them in transforming their results, so they can live an exceptional life.

I have worked with people all over the world supporting them to overcome burnout, limiting beliefs, poor productivity, time management and many more challenges. I believe that you can all achieve your true potential as long as you are prepared to put in the work.

This community is all about supporting you to achieve your goals in life or business by providing you with the support, strategies and tactics within a group format. Let's Kick Mediocrity together, so you can reach your true potential.

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