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GFH Pamper Kit

Alexandra Rasca
San Francisco, CA, USA

With a minimalist farmhouse design, GFH artisanal creations look great in any space. 

Goose's FarmHouse is a home goods & aromatherapy boutique specializing in handcrafted goodies. Our farmhouse yet the innovative line of products are made using organic, natural, and premium ingredients. Made in small batches, our goodies will satisfy everything from a home decor & aromatherapy to an elegant event. Custom orders are always welcome. At GFH we can accommodate orders for individual and corporate customers, weddings, and other special occasion events.  We use 100% pure essential oils, and natural soy wax and hand-pour each candle in small batches so that the scents last a long time and give off a rich, clean scent.

You’re an essential part of the process. We don’t buy in bulk or use synthetic ingredients — we’re small and family-run, so we can actually control what goes into our products. Our 100% natural soy candles are clean, vegan, eco-friendly, and burn cleaner than paraffin wax. They’re also long-lasting, using up to 50% less wax than other candles on the market. We are inspired by the rustic charm of farmhouse life, whether it be an old barn, a treehouse, or a cozy country cottage. Our candles and bath products give you the chance to bring that rustic charm into your own home. We infuse our aromatherapy products - bath salts, bath milk, body scrubs, room sprays, candles, and reed diffuser with herbs essential oils chosen to uplift you and make you feel truly beautiful. 

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