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Melissa Watkins
New York, USA

Melissa L Watkins

Medium, Author, Teacher, Energy Healer

Hello, my name is Melissa L Watkins, Intuitive Coach, Medium and the Founder of Guidance 311. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and claircognizant. My gifts are multi-faceted, as I connect with spirit.  I am also an Empath, Medical Medium and Animal Medium, who is able to feel the emotions of others’ helping me to relay messages with understanding and clarity of the best way for it to be received.

As a Master Instructor with Integrated Energy Therapy®, I am able to help you transform your traumas and dramas to live a happier and healthier life: emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. With the help of higher vibrational beings: archangels we will transmute the blockages and integrate the support for relationships, money, health and anywhere you are stuck.

And, using the Compassion Key® we use a self-directed compassion process toconnect with, heal, and integrate the wounded aspects of yourself so that yoursoul's pure light can shine through into every aspect of your life. People whowork with The Compassion Key® often report miracles in their financial life,relationships and health, greater alignment with their purpose, and feelings oflightness, relief and a coming home to their true self.

I am looking forward to be a part of your journey of awakening to the Divinity within. Blessings, M xo

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