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Ashley Dawson
Windsor, ON, Canada

Hi! I’m Ashley!

It is a pleasure and honor to have you here with me. I am a holistic health practitioner who created this amazing healing space with the desire to be a part of the healing movement that is taking place right now.

My vision is to help connect people, to themselves and to one another! My vision is here, working with you!I have spent the last ten years of my life studying the body and the different methods that are used for it to cumulatively heal itself and it is my true passion to help others with this knowledge.

It is my understanding that people benefit from a multi-level healing approach being:

- psychologically

- physiologically

- psychosomatically

- biochemically

- creatively & intuitively

- emotionally

- & spiritually

I have ensured I am able to assist in services regarding each and every level for cumulative wellness, or refer you to someone who can.

It's my job to connect with you and gain insight in order to create a unique therapy program and pathway to fit you and your specific health to ensure you are receiving the best and most appropriate therapeutic treatment.

I am delighted you are here with me, and I look forward to starting the conversation on healing and wellness with you!

Let's set your soul on fire!

This is a place where healers and people seeking progressive healing and growth in all forms can gather and assist each other with support and services on their unique healing journey.

We are committed to your growth and transformation.

Invite your friends, everybody saves.

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