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Daniela Panait

My passion is discovering new ways to live life to the fullest! For that, being healthy is a mandatory pre-requisite.

For the past 10+ years I have been educating myself on the benefits of eating the right kind of foods and the simplicity of healing through food. Through this journey I found a joy that I realized I needed to share. And I do it now by teaching holistic nutrition that deals with the whole body, the whole person. I strongly believe as we heal ourselves, we heal those around us and ultimately, we heal the planet.

As a parent and full-time professional, being exhausted was my normal state, to the point I didn't have the energy to even begin to get my health in a better place. I now have gained back the energy I used to have when I was 20 years younger. I am more fit now than when I was in my 20s, with the stamina and health to run marathon distances in my 40s when only 10 years ago I could not run more that one kilometer without losing my breath.

I can coach you, day by day through your transformation, to bring your health to the next level. I will support you in this journey so that you'll get your energy back and help you feel alive again.

It is simple and effective. 

All you need to do is ask as I am here to help YOU.

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