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Connie Shih
Austin, TX, USA

Heralogie was created with the desire to see a period underwear on the market that was actually comfortable. After trying dozens of brands on the market, I created Heralogie to fit a need that I had: finding period panty that wasn’t itchy or felt like a plastic swimsuit—because who wants to wear swimsuits for a week straight when you’re already feeling icky?!

After prototyping for months, I came up with a winning combination of fabrics that were both ridiculously comfortable and extremely effective in preventing unwanted menstrual leaks. I know we are all feminists, and blood is not “gross,” but I still don’t want menstrual blood on my nice leggings!

Back it up. I founded Heralogie mid-pandemic after leaving a successful career at a large investment firm. I did not feel like that company was behaving in a way that was in line with my personal values. I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, so I walked away to found a company that would actually do some good in this world and empowers others.

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