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Honeys Scented Company

Oyindamola Honey Apanpa
Farmers Branch, TX, USA

Honey's Scented Company is a minority woman-owned candle and fragrance brand founded in 2020. We specialize in long-lasting scented products (such as wickless candles, car air fresheners, bath salts, bath teas, body and massage oils, massage candles, room/linen sprays, and wax melts), with our Wickless Candle being our flagship product.

Our Wickless Candle was inspired by the love for our environment and the earth in general. I realized I needed to do something in my own little way to reduce fire outbreaks that start from burning candles. In addition, I also wanted to create a safe and better way to enjoy candles by letting people know you don't have to burn candles to enjoy candles.

With Wickless candles, you don't have to worry about trimming your wicks (which can cause a fire if not properly trimmed) or having soot or flame (since there is no wick). You simply just need a warmer. Since our candles do not reduce in quantity, you get a controlled release of the fragrance over time, allowing them last longer than the traditional wicked candles.

Our Wickless Candles are also great for people who have kids/pets because it eliminates the fire hazard posed by traditional candles. Our Wickless Candles are infused with herbs and botanical flowers. Some of our customers love to use them as decorative pieces for their living spaces.

Our typical customers are:

  • Candle users.
  • Lovers of clean and pure fragrance.
  • Anyone who likes to relax or have a self-care routine.

We also have different curated gift box options that can be gifted for weddings, baby showers, and holiday gifts.

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