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Hungry Bird Eats

Tina Diep
East Orange, NJ, USA


Tina started her journey in the health food world as an architect turned food blogger ( After finding out her son was allergic to nuts and soy, she began a passionate journey of developing her very own rye crispbread. A custom crisp made from rye flour, olive oil, and all the energizing superfoods you could want, including chia, flax, and pumpkin seeds. 


Her son Ike approved! Then neighbors and friends approved…and soon, Hungry Bird Eats was launched. Tina worked tirelessly to develop the perfect flavors and finally settled on Rye +Sea Salt as her debut recipe. Later Multi Seeds + Oregano joined the team. Eventually, Tina convinced local retailers to try her out on their shelves. As a one-man-band, Tina did demo after demo until eventually breaking into the wholesale market. It was a pivotal moment in her journey.

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