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Process Improvement and Client Experience Enhancement

Candice Washington
Houston, TX, USA

As an experience strategist, Candice Washington manages the operations and logistics of business that aid in curating top tier experiences for all stakeholders, ranging from team members, clients, and event attendees.

Candice's over 15 years in business development and program management in the sports and entertainment, non-profit, and education industries has afforded her the ability to develop a unique strategic agility and financial acumen to help clients effortlessly identify, engage, and foster client relationships that create an unrivaled client experience and significant impact. Candice leverages her expertise in experience with a dynamic skillset in operations, logistics, and strategic development to create data driven strategies that position brands for profitable growth.

Whether you’re seeking to increase your client retention and grow the business of your existing client base, bring your client experience to life through an event, or improve the internal operations of your company, Candice, also known as The Client Curator®, is the catalyst for delivering experiences that produce a positive return.

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