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Michael Kelly
Michael KellyPublished on September 12, 2022

Google Colabatory allows individuals and corporations to install the latest technology via virtualization. Here are the top five reasons individuals, schools, and corporations should leverage Google Colab.

1) Google Colab gives everybody the ability to learn expensive technologies such as apache spark and apache flink, which transforms interpretive programming languages into the JVM, and is horizontally scalable.

2) Without Google Colab an individual would require a large sum of money to setup a cloud server, and best of all, it's free!

3) In the classroom, many students struggle installing IDE's, but love Jupyter notebooks - this product can help the students learn quicker without having to constantly manually install libraries.

4) You can stay on top of the latest technologies because the servers are virtualized, and would cost you no money at all, whereas before it was cost prohibitive.

5) By staying on top of the latest technological trends, one can boost his or her earnings in the classroom as professor, engage students more often, or for those executives in corporate you can better retain your talent and gain a competitive edge.

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