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Irina Dybkova
Brossard, QC, Canada

I am a certified Personal Trainer and a Healthy Lifestyle Advisor who owns and operates a private health and fitness studio called IrinaFitFoodie in Brossard, Quebec. I was born 46 years ago in Ukraine and subsequently immigrated to Canada with my mother at the age of 14. Our family's lifestyle was always a healthy one where everyone focused on being fit and where meals were balanced and very healthy, and every day was filled with physical activity. I liked any type of physical activity because it gave me a sense of purpose, made me feel good, and kept me strong and fit.

My grandfather, who was also the coach of the Ukrainian Olympic Weightlifting Team and who lived to be healthy and strong well into his 80's had a huge impact on my decision to do what I do today, as did my mom, who was a professionally competing athlete. I've always been passionate about exercise, diet, and fitness. The reality is that so many people need guidance on eating, dieting, and exercise, but I've also come to realize that most who want to fix a problem are afraid to ask for help for fear of being judged.

To make it easier for everyone, my plan was and continues to be to build personalized exercise programs that emphasize proper techniques and create custom meal plans that provide a person's body with a proper fuel source. Combining these two elements produces dramatic and very favorable results.

I will continue to introduce this "Life-changing" experience to as many women as possible and help them get in shape as quickly and as discreetly as possible. I also want to encourage all women to trust in the process and believe that the benefits of permanently modifying and improving their current eating and exercise habits will make them healthier, more active, attractive, and definitely more confident in the years to come.

I help women over 35 lose fat, tone up, be physically stronger, healthier, and more confident by using my proven concept, which combines personalized exercise and strength training programs with absolutely no jogging or jumping together with a variety of meal programs that are not demanding or depriving and actually let a person eat most of their favorite things including pasta and drinking a glass of wine. Exercise and dieting are not only rewarding. They can be enjoyable and affordable and, above all, become part of a permanent and sustainable lifestyle.

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