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You Can See the End From Here

Florida, USA

My name is Isaac and I am a writer. I am a native born Floridian. I spent most of my life trying to get out of the south, but I am committing myself to what little is left of the of this state. The end of the world will happen first in Florida. I am here to help.

Over the years, I have written for newspapers and publications like the New York Times, LA Magazine, Vice and the Los Angeles Times. But the state of the publishing world today is bleak. As more private equity firms consolidate what is left of local news, the public is kept in the dark about what is really happening.

This newsletter will deliver naked Florida in all its embarrassment and glory.

The news is depressing. Tales of the world’s demise have to be greatly exaggerated to get clicks and sell soap. And while the state of the world is in its most fragile state yet, we need not fall into despair. This newsletter is meant to be a salve. By choosing to be a part of this exercise, you are ready to come to terms with what is dying and what will go on forever.

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