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Allowing What You Want To Show Up

Jamie Martin
Jamie MartinPublished on August 08, 2022

It’s ready for you. Create Space for it!

I’ve been thinking a lot about space. I saw the above quote a few weeks ago. I’m not sure where I saw it or who said it (if you know, please let me know so I can give them credit), but it struck a cord for me.

How can what I want to be in my life show up if there is no space for it?

And with everything opening up again, there’s a race to fill up our time and space with all the things we haven’t done in the last year or so. Going to coffee, having BBQs, filling every day and weekend with something. Filled up. All over again.

How can the life we desire be available to us if all we do is fill up our current life with what we’ve always done?

It can’t.

There’s no room for it if we keep doing what we have always been doing and fill our lives to the brim with obligations.

Now is the time to step back before diving straight on in and asking yourself:

What do I want my life to look like? 

Who do I want to be in my life? 

What brings me joy? 

What needs to be let go in order to create space? 

Who can support me in tasks that need to be done but don’t need to be done by me?

Use these questions to start seeing where you can create space in or life for you dreams to show up and become available to you.

Creating space can look like a lot of things. Be creative! 

If you are single, it might mean clearing out your closet so there is room for someone else’s stuff to be present.

If you are in business for yourself, it might be outsourcing tasks now instead of later in order to have room for more clients to show up.

If you are a leader, it might mean clearing your calendar to connect on a consistent basis with your team.

If you are looking for community, it might be saying goodbye to friends that no longer bring you joy.

If you are stuck, it might be making space to get deeply supported by hiring a coach or joining a group coaching program.

It can look like a lot of things. No matter what it looks like be willing to say – right now is the time to create the space. If I want my life to be a certain way, I choose to step into it now, even if all the ducks aren’t in a row.

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