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Jane Meryll

Jane Meryll
United States

Here’s my very short story. I dreamt of being a classicalpianist. That turned into a fifty-year ongoing successful career as a musician and performer; advertising, jingles, records, producing, arranging andinternational award-winning composer. It’s been said musicians are naturalmeditators. I practiced two hours a day before I went to school by the time I wasnine. I’ve been meditating for a long time. 

Along the way I got married, had a family, kept learning and got more degrees (my real passion) and got involved in transformational work, psychology, recovery,social action, mind-body health, educating, teaching, coaching and service. I can humbly say I’ve worn many hats.

As I come into the wisdom of my years, my deep desire is to share the fruits of seeking wellness, tools for anxiety/stress management, core peace practices, emotional intelligence, and having the life and work I love. It’s prosperity from the inside out. Is it perfect? Not by any means. But it’s learning to live with unsolved problems and challenges peacefully, how to mediate the fears using principles of mindfulness. I teach a way to find balance allowing joy and harmony to flourish. I have studied and learned so many modalities, protocols, skill sets and now it's time to share them so you can explore your world from a new perspective with an open mind and a curious heart. I can’t wait to be with you.

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