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Business Empowerment for Creative and Holistic Entrepreneurs

Jen Aly
Asheville, NC, USA

As a dedicated business & prosperity coach, I support creative and holistic entrepreneurs to create thriving businesses. I teach prosperity mindset, marketing, sales, and financial tools in ways that are soul-aligned, practical, intuitive, and fun.

My clients fall into one of two phases of business. They are either in the beginning stages of creating and growing a business, or they have hit a growth plateau(which often includes burnout) and want to optimize their business with more leverage and freedom.

Clients who have grown their business with me include the following:

Creatives: artists, makers, interior designers, graphic designers, writers, architects, jewelers, photographers, videographers, poets, stylists, crafters, publishers, editors, musicians, etc.

Holistic Practitioners: coaches, healers, bodyworkers, massage therapists, trainers, holistic doctors, yoga teachers, wellness counselors, acupuncturists, astrologers, therapists, spa owners, etc.

My TEDx talk, "Harness Creativity as your Greatest Business Asset" was
among the 10% of TEDx talks chosen for

I geek out on art, nature, wellness, business, and houseplants.

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