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Jennifer DuBerger
Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

My birth name Jennifer is translated as White One, which represents purity, light, faith and new beginnings. I come from the Wampanoag Tribe, the Native Americans of Massachusetts stemming back over 12,000 years. My Native American spirit animal is the bear. The bear in Native American cultures is seen as the healer, bears are known for their mothering and loving nature but they are also fierce protectors of their loved ones. I invite you to join me and begin your healing journey. I offer everything in my being to open you to the unimaginable possibilities. Everything we need to heal is within us from your blood to your inner child. The external world distracts us from the consciousness we hold which I call the mother to our inner child. I am taking responsibility for the world we currently live in and searching for forgiveness, we are all connected which means we are ALL responsible for the violence, deception, destruction, pain and suffering we see everyday. I want to help YOU help the world. Keep your compassion, for there is no separation. Unlock your greatest gifts through meditation and mindfulness. 

May you always be loved,


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