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Are Your Bio And Physiological Needs Being Met - Level One

Jonny Quirk
Jonny QuirkPublished on February 08, 2021

Hey there everyone - hope you’ve had a great week so far?!

Last week we said we’d dig a little deeper into Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and look at some tips on how best to approach life to enjoy an optimum experience here on planet earth!

If you need a reminder of what the basic needs are then here’s that big pyramid once again…

So this week we’re talking about biological and physiological needs and in a nutshell these are the basic human requirements we all need to achieve success in to graduate to the next tier up in the pyramid.

🧬 The basic human needs that we all are driven to succeed in are:

Air / Food / Drink /Shelter / Clothing / Warmth / Sex / Sleep

I don’t want to oversimplify this too much (but I will as I don’t have all day here... 😆), however, when we talk about biological and physiological needs, there are many grades of how far you can take things. All are subjective to your own version of happiness and ultimately your own satisfaction in life.

But again, some of the above items are survival mode things (ever tried living without Air?) and some we’re hard-wired to seek out (spare a thought for those who find themselves homeless on the streets, yet still need to build themselves a cardboard box bed for Shelter for the night…)

And some are totally multi-dimensional:

i.e Sex - Are we having sex for fun, for love, for procreation, for the endorphins and hormones released - or all of the above? What is our sex satisfaction level in terms of regularity, spontaneity, variety, and with who and where?

And let’s talk luxury:

For example, let’s take Shelter. Some people may be happy living in a trailer park, where some people will only want to live in a detached house in an expensive area.

For Food: Some people will be happy just having enough money and food to survive, whereas others will only be happy with a certain standard of living and high-quality fodder.

At the end of the day, we’re all seeking balance in life. In some areas, you may be flying and other parts may have become slightly out of kilter (I’m a pretty satisfied guy but I’m getting by on 6 hours of sleep a night at the moment and want to work on that more…) - so let’s look at how we can all live a more rounded life that ticks all the basic needs boxes!

💡This weeks thought and homework:

We all want to make our years on planet earth more enjoyable and awesome.

So have a good think about the following subjects and think about what your own version of success is? Are you truly satisfied with everything and what could you do in each that will bring you more good vibes?

Why not give each a score out of 10 and then look into what you could be doing to make it a 10? If you’re scoring 10’s because you’ve reached a point where you have deep gratitude for your blessings then happy days. If you’re not reaching 10’s then where are those tweaks and hacks you need to make to get them to a 10?

Be proactive! Food excitement gone a bit stale and fed up with eating junk? Why not grab a new cookbook and get to work.

Want better sex? Make it happen whether you’re in a relationship or looking for love...when’s that next date night booked, be spontaneous and create excitement or are you downloading Tinder again right now if single?

There are numerous resources out there online for whatever you want to work on. Identify what you want to enhance, take action, and enjoy new levels of ‘win’.

Get those scorecards out: 10/10 on...

Air (Don’t start importing air from Fiji please ;-))








Thanks for your time guys, would love to hear your thoughts:

Keep winning, and have a great weekend!

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