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Most things in life are far from a binary situation

Jonny Quirk
Jonny QuirkPublished on April 09, 2021

Howdy folks, I trust the Easter break has served you well and you're feeling good about the spring and summer vibes that are on the way!

I took some time out to enjoy some family time with my kids on school holidays, and for me, this was much needed and a great opportunity to have some days out that mixed up our regular routines. Kids grow up so fast, so it's important to check in regularly to see where we're all at as a family and how everyone is really feeling as we start to emerge from Post-COVID-town.

It's been quite the year - but I'm happy to report that everyone seems to be in a good place!

Binary thoughts

So you may know that I host the weekly Go Solo Show podcast, where I interview solopreneurs and small business entrepreneurs about their adventures and motivations to go out on their own.

It's super inspiring each week and our ultimate goal is to help other potential founders or current hustlers realise that there is no one-size-fits-all, easy road to success.

I've interviewed chefs, consultants, personal trainers, coaches, interior designers, event organisers, and loads more interesting peeps over the past few months.

Amongst their stories, we always hit on a fairly philosophical curve that looks at the big picture of life. For a lot of these guys, going solo was one of those major (really major) life decisions up there with buying a house, getting married etc - it's a big commitment and one of course that has a number of potential outcomes.

One thing that has repeatedly come up time and time again is that as humans, we do tend to think in strictly binary outcomes.

i.e Best-case scenario and worst-case scenario - wherever you sit, you may be an optimist or pessimist but whenever we plan or think about outcome scenarios, they do tend to be fairly extreme on either side.

However, when talking to my podcast guests, their reality of running a business or doing anything in life is that there is a broad spectrum of outcomes. Things aren't quite as bad as you think they may turn out to be. Plus success (i.e best-case scenario) may not be as clear-cut - it's more like small incremental wins each day as opposed to being handed a gold cup at the end of a race!

Get to it man

The point I'm making today is that if you have a major decision to make in life, then the outcome is probably not going to be as good or bad as you think it may be. It will likely fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

There may in fact be 5 great things that come from one decision, maybe 3 won't be the outcomes you desire. But hey, you're still ahead with a 5-3 result.

Whenever you do end up with big decisions to make or new ideas you want to put into practice, the reality is that until you actually start to make them happen, then you won't have an idea of quite how good or bad the results will be.

You can plan well, you can do your research, you can hypothesize - but whatever you do, don't let 'what-if' inertia stop you from living the life you want to live.

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