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Reaching Self-Actualization - The Top Of The Pyramid

Jonny Quirk
Jonny QuirkPublished on February 08, 2021

Quick question - Are you actually doing what you were put on 🌍 to do?

Nope, it's not another trick question...

Yep, we're going deep here this week as I pose the questions there a God, is there a creator, is there a reason why we're all here?

Are we giving a shit about a lot of stuff we have no control over? Are we living our best possible lives?

Seeing as we're all just shaved apes, spinning on a ball of fire around another big ball of fire out here in space, it's worth considering that maybe we're all massively overcomplicating our lives with opportunities to not have a good time.

Ask me what I think the meaning of life is and I'd say it's all about doing the things that make us happy and really playing to our strengths! It's about identifying what our talents are and doing this, but also having acceptance that there are other things we can improve on but not to get hung up on if we know we're never going to be amazing at it.

Because do you remember the last time you were in a complete flow state, lost in the moment, and really gaining satisfaction from doing meaningful work/life moments? Felt good, didn't it...

Can't remember the last time this was you?? - let's look next week at how we can create more flow in our lives and reach a point where every single day is a 'WIN' day - Self-Actualization is a thing...

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