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Security, Health, Finances - Level 2 Of Our Basic Needs

Jonny Quirk
Jonny QuirkPublished on February 08, 2021

Hey there pals,

So last week we were discussing how to tackle and use Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for a more fulfilling existence.

Ultimately in a few weeks' time, we'll be discussing the peak of the pyramid -'self-actualisation' which is the dream scenario that we all want to reach.

Without too many spoilers, self-actualisation is reaching that point where you realise why you were put on planet earth..and you spend your days doing what fills you with energy and you're in a flow state because you have reached your own version of happiness.

There are no short cuts to self-actualisation, but it does take a fair amount of self-analysis to set your own expectations of what role you want to play amongst the other 7.5 Billion people we're all sharing air with, as well as your own legacy standing in space and time...

But enough about what's coming up, in order to reach the peak, we need to work on the foundations and get them right before we scale the summit...

How did you get on with rating last week's list out of 10?

Last week we chatted about our biological and physiological needs, with a small task to have a look over all the areas of our lives which possibly could do with a little fine-tuning.

I'm keen to know how you rated your own fulfillment on this level - what did you give yourself out of 10 and have you taken action to work on the areas you feel need some extra attention?

That reminder again (what was your satisfaction rating out of 10?)









For what it's worth, I identified I needed to get more sleep and have now started getting to bed 30 minutes earlier each night (1130pm seems like the golden time for me)

Ok so I needed to cut out 30 minutes of TV each night, but do you know what - that is a trade-off that I'm already seeing is more than worth it one week on 🙌

I'd love to hear your thoughts so please do share with me on Twitter

The next stage of satisfaction we all want to reach is feeling safe and secure - and this comes down to analysing our current relationship with:

1. Security 2. Health 3. Finances

All 3 of these are potential 'hot-potato' topics right now due to COVID-19 and everyone feeling in some kind of level of disruption, so to keep things fairly universal, I'm keen for us to use this week to look at how we can boost each of them, in our own way.

Overall: How secure do you feel? How's your health (beyond pre-existing medical conditions)? How are your overall finances?

Yes, there are many different ways of approaching improving these areas of your life and they are definitely open to interpretation, however, small changes can add up to a big difference.

For instance, security may mean house security or job security.

What can you control? Well if it's jobs, you could learn a new skill whilst on furlough or look at seeing how you can help your current company adapt to life after-COVID, ultimately helping cement your place at work as a must-retain employee.

If it's health, what small tweaks could you do to your fitness routine, or do your mental health a favour by exploring a basic online meditation sequence each day (YouTube is full of them, linking here who does some great hypnosis meditations)

And for finances, when was the last time you switched energy providers, switched credit cards, or did a budget plan to work out what you need and don't need. All pretty boring but again, it gives you control over this aspect out of your life.

Again, this week I'm keen to know how you get on and what your thoughts are! With last week's 8 analysis points and this week's 3 - there are 11 ways to improve your day to day happiness and satisfaction.

Coming Up Next Week

Next week, we're getting into 'Love and belonging' - how to maximise your relationships with current and future friends, family, and all the many relationships we hold in our day to day life - see you there, and keep winning 📈

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