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Are you being kind to yourself?

Sara Stepa
Sara StepaPublished on August 04, 2022

I wanted to drop a quick note to you all. I was going to share this with the Journey Seeker community alone but I felt called to share it with more of you. 

Are you being kind to yourself in the times it matters most?

I had a beautiful moment recently where I caught myself in old behaviors. See I used to push my emotions down. I used to tell myself to get it together, to stop crying, to be stronger… I used to push the feelings away. And I was a MASTER at this. 

My sister-in-law said to me after a breakup a couple of years ago, “Please don’t shut yourself off again.”  

There was a time where my dad was even worried about me… he said to my mom, “Sara never cries.” 

I had mastered how to put my emotions in a box and lock them up. I’ve worked on this extensively so I don’t have to live like this anymore. 

 Recently was the first time I consciously caught myself doing this in the moment -pushing it all down. This time I course corrected. Instead of pushing it down. I said, “You are safe and I love you." 

 You are safe and I love you. 

I repeated this in my head at least 5 times while taking deep breaths to steady myself. 

I chose to honor my feelings in that moment and love myself instead of tellingmyself to “stop feeling.” This builds trust. Being kind and loving yourself deepens that trust and allows you to bet on yourself time and time again. 

Here's a song that speaks to me. Have a listen to this song as you speaking to you.

Have A Little Faith in Me - Olivia Penalva 

Self trust is a foundational practice we have within the Journey Seekers community. It’s a space to build trust within, with others. 

 Drop in anytime here💗

Amanda & Sara

P.s. Our first group coaching session was fire! So many knowledge nuggets and truth bombs! One of the biggest things that resonated with Amanda is that she can't control others' actions - and neither can you. It's up to you to write your own story. Join the community and get access to the July coaching session!

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