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Sara Stepa
Sara StepaPublished on August 17, 2022

Sometimes personal development work can feel HEAVY. Do you feel me on this?

It feels like we have to do this, then that, then alllll the other things to heal so we can finally be happy.

Well spoiler alert! There is no happiness destination, or a place where you'll have it all figured out because, my love, you will forever be growing and changing as you navigate different phases of your life. And that is meant to feel beautiful, not overwhelming.

In fact! This is why Amanda's podcast is called the Journey to Joy podcast because she believes in finding joy along the way. Check out this episode where Amanda interviews Sara about becoming a published author.

On Friday in the Journey Seeker group coaching session we are going to address the heaviness that can come up with personal work and introduce you to a term that Sara learned in Book club last month - Maintenance Mode.

Join us THIS FRIDAY at Noon MST.

You can join this coaching session for just $5.55 or if you've been waiting to jump into the Journey Seeker community, stop waiting and start doing! Join us beautiful!

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P.S. August Book Club is coming up on August 31st! We are reading Happy Days by Gabrielle Berstein.

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