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Sara Stepa
Sara StepaPublished on June 29, 2022

Hello beautiful,

You might not always think you know what you need but deep within you always do. Building a connection to your true self is how you gain access to that innate wisdom you hold. You begin to believe that no matter what, everything is unfolding exactly as it should. `

To gain that deep unwavering trust it requires a consistent connection with, and a nurturing of, your true self.

Today Amanda and Sara invite you to join the Journey Seeker community to help you build that trust within yourself & keep a loving commitment to you at the forefront.

Say no more, I’m in! 

Every month we will help guide you along your journey to building trust within. Not only are we wellness advocates and personal development nerds, we absolutely love to find the joy along the way so you can expect immense growth AND tonnes of laughs.

 When you join the Journey Seekers we promise to bring BIG energy each month. We will inspire you with an inspirational newsletter – though it will be so much more including our fav songs of the month, maybe a favourite teaching or something new we tried. The possibilities truly are endless so you can always expect something new to uplift and inspire.

For our avid readers we’ll also be hosting a book club the last Thursday of every month on Zoom. We’ll craft some thought-provoking questions and share together our biggest takeaways. Our upcoming docket includes:

July: Atlas of the Heart - Brene Brown
August: Happy Days - Gabrielle Bernstein 

And to further inspire you along your journey we will also gather for a monthly LIVE group coaching session. This is your chance to ask questions, share challenges, and truly embody what it means to be on your journey.

You’ll get all this and anything else we dream up for just $22.22/month!

That’s less than…

- One brunch date!

- One bottle of wine (where my winos at!?)

- A Skip the Dishes order (because delivery fees are killer)

- One drop-in fitness class (your body, mind and soul deserve the same care)

- It’s likely even less than the cost of your TV subscription services because we know you probably have more than one 😉

So today we invite you, maybe even challenge you, to put yourself at the forefront. To invest in yourself a little bit each month and build a deeper and more meaningful connection to your true self, a little bit at a time. If anything, we promise to make you smile and bring some joy to your life, and I know we can all use a little more of that.

Join the Journey Seekers Community today!

Regardless if you join us today or not we want you to know that YOU ARE MAGIC! We hope to see you in the Journey Seeker community very soon.  

See you soon,

Amanda & Sara

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