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James Pogue
Dallas, TX, USA

I'm an academic, an intellectual, a nerd, an egghead, and quite proud of it. I am also compassionate, empathetic, and a work in progress. I have always been deeply concerned about who is being left out and why. Whether it is the young boy who is not picked for the team or the professional who feels shut out of a promotion opportunity. Beginning with college-going students, I wondered why some students graduated while others did not. Many of us know bright young people who were unsuccessful in college. Conversely, those whose academic and family resumes suggested they would not be successful yet flourished in the academic environment.

I wanted to know why. Invariably the reasons are one part individual, one part organizational, and one part environmental. My work is to help leaders in various industries see all three parts and develop the best possible solutions to help them drive the organizational changes they want to see. In today's marketplace, the words have shifted, but the challenge remains the same. How can organizations attract, recruit, retain, promote, and engage the best possible talent across the diversity spectrum? The solutions to labor challenges come from an organization's ability to develop a right now and a long-term set of deeply rooted initiatives driven from the highest possible level. I am certain that most people, most of the time, want to do the right thing for themselves, their teams, and their communities. Sometimes they just need a little help and guidance along the way. That's where JP Enterprises comes in. We help guide you towards a solution to your labor challenges. It won't be easy but accomplishing big things never is.

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