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Alchemical Romance: Cosmic Movement on Sunday the 27th

Julia Bray
Julia BrayPublished on February 22, 2022

Hello friends,

Spring is on the way! A rebirth is imminent! And in the laws of nature, death always precedes this rite of passage.

This coming Sunday, February 27th, we'll be gathering in a Cosmic Movement class to alchemize our winter bodies & psyches to start to make room for new energy.

To do this, we'll explore the transformative serpentine energy used in the practice of Kundalini* (see below for some thoughts on my relationship to this practice)

Come learn or refresh your knowledge of:

-generating energy through breath and movement

-how to move it, circulate it in our bodies and raise it up our spines

-certain meditative postures & techniques to focus the energy

During our practice, I'll be waxing poetic about Pluto, the planet of transformation. We will devote ourselves to the organic cycle of death & rebirth, and use this practice to alchemically shift certain areas of our life.

*My relationship to the practice of Kundalini has undergone a massive death & rebirth of it's own. I've had to disown the false "originator" of kundalini, abuser Yogi Bhajan, and reclaim my birthright to this powerful & natural life force energy that lives in my body. This process has been incredibly tender, incredibly vulnerable and immensely powerful. I found Kundalini when I was getting sober. As the abuses came to light I was so conflicted--I didn't want to give up the practice, but much of my reasoning was because I had attributed my ability to be sober with the power of the practice.

I now realize that the power of the practice only exists because I practiced it. That might sound obvious, but it's not, when teachers are convincing you that your natural state of being isn't enough WITHOUT this practice. Sure, kundalini is magical & life expanding & makes me feel wonderfully alive. But it is just an organic part of my aliveness: it wasn't a teacher or a master or a practice that "made me sober" or gave me the power to do that. I was the one who chose, who followed through, who worked the steps, who worshipped and loved myself, who forged relationships that were healthy, who made decisions that aligned with my wellbeing, who shifted my lifestyle.

Kundalini didn't do that. I did.

The process of letting go is truly a romance. As I let go of the limiting beliefs that this new age community of love & light capitalism instilled in me about my worth, working for my worth, hustling for it, practicing for it, I find a much more vast expanse wildness: of sensation rather than meaning making, of experiences that go beyond my mind, and deep into the heart of awakening.

I come home to Kundalini energy without any teachers or masters or rules.

Amidst that is pain, insecurity, embarrassment, shame, hurt. I let it be a love story. I surrender. I return to the knowing that no human being has ownership over the creative life force. No gods, no gurus, no masters. Just us being our wildly brilliant selves.

Come alchemize bb.


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