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Cosmic Movement: "The Moment Of Truth" on Sunday November 28

Julia Bray
Julia BrayPublished on November 24, 2021

Hello Perpetual Motion & Cosmic Mover Members!

I'm excited to share the theme of our upcoming Sunday class..


This will be a Sagittarius season exploration of HOW TO BE HONEST with ourselves & others about our ever changing truth! ❤️‍🔥

the first step to understanding the truth is understanding why we avoid it. the truth can feel threatening to our nervous system, to our attachments, to our circumstances, to our sense of belonging, to our safety itself.

But ultimately we are only as free as we are honest. We are only responsible for what is true in us, and translating that in a kind & considerate way. 

During this class we will use:

-kundalini movement & meditation to wake up our energy bodies and activate our inner truth seekers

-somatic movement & dance to locate honesty in our body and practice flexing the muscle of owning our truths

-collective sharing/journal prompts to feel safe to stand in our truth

Cosmic Movement is a class designed to put you in magical relationship to your body & the stars, with full acceptance of where both of you are in any given moment. Each class takes you on a journey through kundalini, breath work, simple dance moves, intuitive movement, light conditioning, and guided meditation!

A reminder that you can sign up HERE as a part of your subscription, or, just meet us on the ZOOM LINK on Sunday (the password is: cosmic).

Also, if you're a member of Perpetual Motion, a reminder that our community Q&A is on Friday at noon! Click here to register.


Perpetually Yours,


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